Grade 6

Welcome to St. Michael’s 6th Grade, at our Bethlehem Campus. Our mission is to provide a loving, nurturing and safe environment for our children. In this environment, the children can develop and grow creatively, physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.


The priority topics for the Grade 6 Religion Curriculum is The Old Testament. Students explore the story of salvation history. As they recognize God’s revelation of Himself in nature, in other people, in the Scriptures, in the Church, and especially in Jesus, they appreciate how God graciously prepared humanity for a Savior after the sin of Adam and Eve. Students grow in proficiency in reading and understanding Sacred Scripture as they practice finding and reflecting on passages in the Old Testament. In prayer, learning, service and worship, they begin to recognize their places in God’s continuing plan of salvation.

Reading/Language Arts

Students will develop the stamina to read longer selections and more challenging selections. They read good literature and interpret its layers of meaning. Your children will analyze characterization, character development, and motivation. They will identify and analyze conflict, plot development, theme identification and theme development, and symbolism. With each selection, students will make inferences, cite text evidence, identify clues authors provide, increase their lexicons by defining vocabulary in context, and support an argument in writing.

The sixth grade students’ literary exploration includes reading novels, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction. Selections include The Cay by Theodore Taylor,  Newbery Medal winner Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi, and Newbery Honor winner Holes by Louis Sachar. All novels explore the theme of Coming of Age. The literature teacher adds to the list of possible selections as new appropriate middle school novels and nonfiction become available; all new selections are read and approved by the teacher.  

The language arts curriculum allows students to review and build on their knowledge about using the English language. Students will also enrich their vocabulary using a separate text.

Math 1 & 2

In Math 1 students explores decimals, algebra, fractions, percentages, geometry, and other topics consistent with the diocesan curriculum. In Math 2 students explore decimals, algebra, fractions, percentages, geometry, and other topics consistent with the diocesan curriculum. Course ends with several weeks of pre-algebra instruction at an accelerated pace.


The curriculum for science emphasizes the physical sciences. Students learns about elements and the periodic table, electricity, light, and heat. They also work in the areas of motion, energy and forces. Chemical interactions and various chemical building blocks are included in the curriculum as well. All classes are held in the lab with hands-on experience at least twice a week.

History and Social Studies

The curriculum focuses on Ancient History. We begin the year learning about Mesopotamia and usually end learning about Africa. Many hands-on activities are included within each chapter.


Students attend an art, music, gym, and computer class once per week. In art students experience an in-depth concentration and development on drawing and painting skills. They learn value shading and color blending techniques at a more sophisticated level as well as the manipulation of brushes and drawing tools. Lessons are related to past, renowned artists and their works along with styles in art history and cultural art practices. At this level, several art lessons are inter-related with the lessons of the social studies curriculum.

An art show is held annually during Catholic Schools Week
All students participate in the diocesan art contest
Other optional art contests are announced by the instructor

In music the curriculum for fifth through eighth grade covers music history of Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque Music, Classical and Romantic Periods, Music of the 20th Century including the composers and different styles, as well as American Music from the 1900’s to present.  The elements of music and definitions including melody, rhythm, genres, dynamics, tempos are learned.  Students review and continue to learn about note values and staff placement including treble and bass clefs.  As a culmination of their musical learning, eighth grade students create a song with lyrics, melody, rhythms, harmonies, and chord progressions.

Students are also offered an opportunity to join the middle school choir.  They sing at the school masses and at the spring concert.

In addition to choir, students may elect to participate in the instrumental music program complete with weekly lessons.  A concert is held annually for the school community to enjoy.

In PE, instruction emphasizes the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle through participation in team oriented games, activities, and sports with the continuing theme of fair play and sportsmanship.